Stroop (1895-1952), Jürgen

3 March, 2009
Bovy Daniel

Born in Detmold on September 26, 1895. He entered the Nazi party in 1932 and the SS in September 1939. He became police leader in Lemberg (Lwow, occupied Poland). He liquidated the Warsaw ghetto on June 29, 1943, and was then named police leader (SSPF) from September 13 to November 9, 1943. He was promoted SSPF in Greece from November 1943 to the end of war. Stroop was given over to the Poland in 1945, condemned to death and hanged in Warsaw on March 6, 1952. This man was a convinced Nazi. He let his name modify from Joseph into Jürgen, considering that Joseph was the very negation of Nordic racial features. He wanted to adapt his forename to the national socialist Weltanschauung (conviction). Stroop was a defendant of the Lebensraum theories. Regarding the plot against Hitler (July 20, 1944), he considered that the Reich had been betrayed by the German people and that without that betrayal, they would have never been beaten. Stroop declared having killed approximately 4,500 people (among them people with whom he was in conflict during his career) accused after the plot against Hitler.


_ MOCZARSKI, K., 1984, Gespräche mit dem Henker. Das Leben des SS-Gruppenführers und Generalleutnants der Polizei Jürgen Stroop, aufgezeichnet im Mokotów-Gefängnis zu Warschau, Berlin: Verlag der Nation. 


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