Redens (1892-1940), Stanislav Francevich

27 February, 2009

Redens was born to Polish parents, but lived most of his childhood as part of his uncle’s family after the death of his father in the Ekaterinoslav region, where there was a huge metallurgy plant. He became a member of the RSDPR(the Social Democratic Menshevik Internationalists) in 1914.

He began to work for the Cheka (All-Russian Extraordinary Commission to Combat Counterrevolution and Sabotage) in Ukraine as early as 1918. He then became Dzherzinskij, Assistant to the Supreme Council of the National Economy (VSNKh) and afterwards worked in the control organs of the Soviet State.

He worked as the head of the political police for the Moscow region from July 1931 to January 20, 1938. Redens was then nominated as People’s Commissar for Internal Affairs of the SSR of Kazakhstan. He was arrested on November 22, 1938 and shot on July 21, 1940. 

Elected a member of the First Supreme Soviet of the USSR in December 1937, he was decorated with the Order of Lenin. Also, he was married to Stalin’s second wife’s sister.



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