Kvaternik (1910-1962), Eugen Dido

7 June, 2010
Tomic Yves

The son of Slavko Kvaternik and Olga Kvaternik, born Frank, who was the daughter of the politician Josip Frank. Having begun legal studies, he became heavily involved in Croatian nationalist youth organizations and took part in underground actions by the Ustaša movement. In 1933, he went into exile in Germany and Austria and then settled in Italy. In 1934, he received orders from [Ante Pavelić->art529] to organize the assassination of the King of Yugoslavia.

He was arrested in October 1934 at the same time as [Ante Pavelić->art529]. He was imprisoned until 29 March 1936. He returned to Croatia on 13 April 1941, three days after his father Slavko had proclaimed the foundation of the Independent State of Croatia. On 15 April, he was named Head of Public Order and Security for Zagreb and then, on 18 April, for the whole of the Independent State of Croatia. On 4 May 1941, he was promoted to Secretary of State in the Interior Ministry headed by Andrija Artuković. He played a major role in the establishment of the country’s security apparatus and its policy of terror against Serbs, Jews and Roma. In September 1942, he handed his resignation to [Ante Pavelić->art529] and left Zagreb for Slovakia in January 1943 with his family. After residing in Austria and Italy, he settled in Argentina in 1947, where he died in a car accident.


Source: 1997, Tko je tko u NDH: Hrvatska 1941.-1945., Zagreb: Minerva.

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