Korherr (1903- ????), Richard

2 March, 2009
Bovy Daniel

Member of the Nazi party in 1937, Korherr became the chief statistician of the SS in 1940. His report called “Report on the Final Solution of the Jewish question” (1943) is more known than the character himself. The report is particularly important and for that reason it is steadily criticized by negationists. Published in March 1943, it gives many figures indicating the number of Jews that were assassinated from 1933 till the end of 1942. Korherr mentions four million victims but his calculation is misleading since it does not take into account all the victims who died in the ghettos and the camps. After 1945, Korherr was not confronted with justice. His name was mentioned only in very specific trials and even then, Korherr declared that he knew about the mass killings only after 1945. Many testimonies (one of them comes from Höss) prove the contrary. Korherr was then employed in the public administration. He was fired after the publication of Reitlinger’s book on the Final Solution (1956) in which he develops the importance of the Korherr report.

NS-Archive, Dokumente zum Nationalsozialismus, Der Korherr-Bericht: [http://www.ns-archiv.de/verfolgung/korherr/korherr-lang.php->http://www.ns-archiv.de/verfolgung/korherr/korherr-lang.php]

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