Joyoprawiro, Sulami

1 August, 2009

Sulami Joyoprawiro, born 15 August, 1926, was formerly a leader of Gerwani. She was a founder of YPKP (Yayasan Penelitian Korban Pembunuhan 1965–66), Foundation for the Investigation into Victims of the 1965– 66 Killings alongside novelist and former political prisoner, Pramoedya Ananta Toer and the Paris based exile Umar Said. After the fall of Suharto in May 1998, her activities through YPKP and in her personal capacity included writing a book (in 1999, her memoir about her imprisonment, Women, Truth and Prison was published) and several articles and speaking out about the 1965-66 killings at seminars, meetings and press interviews. Sulami was also linked with a controversial decision to exhume a mass grave in Wonosobo Central Java, thought to contain the remains of PKI members and sympathisers.


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