Hölz (1889-1933), Max

18 March, 2009
Bovy Daniel

Son of a worker, he was obliged when he was still young to contribute to his family’s welfare. He became member of the communist party in 1919 and chose to fight with weapons although his party was opposed to that policy. He eventually was excluded from the communist party. He affiliated to the left wing of the KPD (German communist party), the KAPD. Accused of having murdered a ground owner, he was finally discharged. He was reintegrated into the German communist party in 1928 and, on Stalin’s demand, immigrated to the USSR. Through his numerous conferences, he made the Russians aware of the situation of German workers.


WEBER, H., HERBST A, 2004, Deutsche Kommunisten. Biographisches Handbuch 1918 bis 1945. Berlin: Dietz.

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