Edhie, Sarwo

30 July, 2009

Sarwo Edhie was born in 1925 in Purworejo, Central Java. He joined PETA (Defenders of the Fatherland) military unit created by the Japanese during Japanese occupation (1942-45). During the Indonesian Revolution and in the early years of the Republic, between 1945-1951 he was a commander in the Diponegoro Division, based in Central Java. Between 1965-1967, Sarwo Edhie was the commander of the Army Para Commando Regiment (RPKAD, Resimen Para Komando Angkatan Darat), the unit which was instrumental in sweeping through Java and Bali to ensure the implementation of the repression of the communists. The unit later became Kopassus (Special Forces Unit). Despite distinguishing himself through his service and loyalty to Suharto following the coup attempt and in the early years of the New Order regime, Sarwo Edhie became increasingly sidelined by Suharto. He held positions such as Ambassador to South Korea (1973-1978), Inspector General of the Department of Foreign Affairs (1978-1983) and head of the Supervisory Body for Implementation of Guidance for Comprehension and Practice of Pancasila (BP-7). He died in 1989.


Ensiklopedi Tokoh Indonesia, https://tokoh.id/tokoh/ensiklopedi/sarwo-edhie-wibowo/

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