Daluege (1897-1946), Kurt

23 February, 2009
Bovy Daniel

Daluege was the executor of nasty coups. Member of the Freikorps, he headed the Berlin SS. His fidelity to Hitler allowed him to be promoted as leader of the Prussian Police in 1933 and of the Orpo (Order Police - Ordnungspolizei) in 1936. He was involved in the Cristal Night. In 1941, he participated in the deportation of Jews to Poland. He replaced Heydrich after his assassination in 1942 at the head of the Bohemia Moravia Protectorate. The first task for Daluege consisted in devastating the Lidice village and executing 256 Czechs who were accused of being involved in Heydrich’s murder. He was relieved of his functions in August 1943 because of heart problems. He was largely involved in the exterminations lead by the Orpo. For this reason, he was hanged by the Czechs in Prague on October 23, 1946.


Smelser, R., Syring, E., Zitelmann, R., “Kurt Daluege - Der Prototyp des loyalen Nationalsozialisten”, Die braune Elite 2, 1999, Darmstadt: Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft, pp. 66-79.

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