Quoc-Anh DO

Associate Professor, LIEPP/Sciences Po Departement of Economics
Office : J404

Dpt d'Économie
Political economy, applied microeconomics
Développement économique, Vote et politiques publiques

Bio :

Quoc-Anh Do joined Science Po in September 2012 as an associate professor affiliated to the Interdisciplinary Research Centre for the Evaluation of Public Policies (LIEPP) and the Economics Department.

Quoc-Anh Do, of Vietnamese origin, was awarded a PhD in economic sciences by Harvard in 2008 under the direction of Alberto Alesina, Michael Kremer, Philippe Aghion and Jerry Green. Former student of École Polytechnique, he has already been published in the foremost international reviews (notably the Quarterly Journal of Economics, the Journal of the European Economic Association and the American Economic Review).

His domain of work is concentrated in political economy, applied microeconomics, field research in the economics of development and network analysis. He addresses the question of the evaluation of public policies by means of enquiries on corruption and nepotism (for example for the politics of infrastructure) as well as the political determinants of the provision of public goods (education, health).

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