Doctoral fellow in economics, Sciences Po Department of Economics / LIEPP affiliate
(Thesis defended in March 2018)

Public Policies, Public Economics
économie publiques, politiques publiques

Bio :

Paul Vertier received his PhD from the departement of economics of Sciences Po in March 2018, under the supervision of Yann Algan, after graduating from ENSAE ParisTech and obtaining a Master’s Degree in Economics and Public Policy (Ecole Polytechnique –ENSAE-Sciences Po).

His research aims at evaluating how the characteristics and incentives of elected officials affect public policies. He is particularly interested in the economic consequences of political dynasties, in the role of electoral incentives with respect to local housing supply, and in women’s representation in politics.

He joined the Banque de France in September 2018.

Poster of the project - June 2020

Personal page :

See Paul VERTIER personal page for further information

LIEPP Publication(s) :

Articles and Contributions to Collective Works

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