CNRS Researcher Fellow - Co-Director of the MaxPo

CNRS, Maxpo, OSC
Sociology of Economics
Sociologie de l'économie

Bio :

Olivier Godechot received the médaille de bronze du CNRS in 2013 for his work on rationality in financial markets and the contribution of finance to the increase in inequalities.

Olivier Godechot is an economic sociologist interested in the study of labor markets, especially finance and academic labor markets, as a means to understand the development of unequal exchange relations at work and their impact on the dynamics of inequality.  He has studied the division of labor and ordinary rationalities in a trading room and compensation mechanisms in the financial industry. Extending his interest in labor markets to academia, he has also examined university hiring, in particular the impact of networks on recruitment. His research currently focuses on the financialization of modern societies, with a special interest in mobility in financial labor markets and their effects on broader inequalities.

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