Associate Professor at St. Mary’s University

(Visiting professor at LIEPP from May 13 to June 14 2024)

Bio :

Michael Sullivan is a PhD graduate of the Politics Department at Princeton University and an Associate Professor at St. Mary’s University, where he teaches a wide range of courses in international and comparative politics since 2012.  Professor Michael Sullivan’s research interests stem from considerations about immigrant rights and the obligations of citizenship. His first book, Earned Citizenship (2019), with Oxford University Press addressed issues in care ethics and civil-military relations. His second book, Born Innocent (2023), also with Oxford, considers the obligations of states towards the dependents of accused caregivers with a particular focus on reconciliation with Indigenous communities. His current book project, Mobility Under Stress, considers the impact of mobility on climate change and ways to limit discretionary mobility while accommodating forced migrants in a warming world. As a citizen of the USA and Canada of French-Canadian descent, Sullivan is eager to learn from France’s experience mitigating emissions and navigating through a transition to a more sustainable economy.

Involved in project(s) / Research Group(s) :

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