Doctoral fellow in Economics, Department of Economics (2013 - 2016) / LIEPP affiliate
(thesis defended in December 2016)

Hospinnomics chaire PSE - APHP

Bio :

Léa Toulemon defended her thesis: "Job quality, Health Insurance and the Price of Medical Products: Essays in Applied Economics" in December 2016.

Léa Toulemon was a Department of Economics Phd student under the supervision of Etienne Wasmer. She is interested in the determinants of health care use and the links between working conditions and health.

Léa holds a master degree in Economics and Public Policy from Sciences Po, and a double Bachelor in Sciences and Political Sciences (Sciences Po and Paris 6).

Léa toulemeny is currently a post-doctoral fellow within the Hospinnomics research group. 

LIEPP Publication(s) :

Articles and Contributions to Collective Works

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