Doctoral fellow in Sociology, CRIS / LIEPP affiliate

Bio :

After 8 months as a research assistant at the LIEPP during her gap year, Laudine resumes her Master 2 in Cognitive Sciences at ENS (PSL) in 2020-2021. The same year, she obtains a doctoral contract at the Centre de Recherche sur les Inégalités Sociales (Sciences Po). Since her undergraduate studies, she has been passionate about transdisciplinarity and is currently working on a thesis between Sociology and Cognitive Sciences under the supervision of Carlo Barone (CRIS, Sciences Po) and Coralie Chevallier (LNCC, ENS). Her research focuses on inequalities in access to daycare centers, their link with public policies and their impact on the cognitive development of young children. She uses both qualitative and quantitative methods.

Research poster - June 2022

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