Jérôme AUST

Researcher at FNSP

Research and Higher Education Sociology
Higher education

Bio :

Jérôme Aust holds a PhD in Political Science and has been a researcher at Sciences Po since 2007.

His research focuses on higher education and research policies. Since his thesis on the "Government policies for university establishment since the 1960s", J. Aust has developed two lines of research.

The first, following his doctoral work, is concerned wtih the territorial restructuring of higher education and research policies. In this context, he has notably studied the methods in place at the Centres of Research and Higher Education (PRES) and the repositioning, in a context of reforms, of part of the decentralized services of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research.

The second research area that Jérôme Aust is interested in is the formation of French and British sciences policies since the 1960s. Developed within the scope of the ANR project "Governing Science," which Jérôme Aust coordinates, this second research area is interested in defining the terms of scientific priorities that lie at the intersection of interactions between public representatives, the scientific community and socio-economic interests. The final project is conducted in collaboration with education researchers and researchers from Insem, CNRS, the French Institute of Education, Sciences Po Toulouse and the University of Lausanne.

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