Assiate Professor of Political Science at CEE-Sciences Po

political economy

Bio :

Emiliano Grossman is associate professor of politics at Sciences Po, working at the Centre d'études européennes. He was co-director of LIEPP's "Evaluation of Democracy" Research Group until 2023.

His research focuses on comparative political institutions and agenda-setting processes. Currently he is working on the "cycles of attention" in politics and partisan strategies in a political context that increasingly constrains the autonomy of governments. He is also interested in the effects of media visibility on these processes. In addition, he coordinates the project "political agendas of France", financed over several years by the National Research Agency (ANR), which aims to develop quantitative indicators of the evolution of political institutions in France.

He is in charge of the "Politics and Public Policy" stream at the Sciences Po School of Public Affairs (EAP). He teaches comparative politics in Paris and Introduction to Political Science at the Reims campus.

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