Beatriz PONT

OCDE Direction d’Education ; UCM
Science politique

Bio :

Beatriz Pont, Senior Policy Analyst in the OECD Directorate for Education and Skills, is currently on sabbatical to undertake her PhD Thesis. At the OECD since 1999, her main focus has been education policy analysis and advice. She has managed and contributed to a range of education policy comparative reviews in the area of school improvement, school leadership, equity, adult learning and adult skills, among others (Education Policy Outlook 2015); (Equity and Quality in Education: Supporting Disadvantaged Students and Schools (2012); Improving Lower Secondary Education in Norway (2011); Improving Schools in Mexico (2010); Improving School Leadership (2008); Promoting Adult learning (2005)). She previously worked in the research department in the Economic and Social Council of the Government of Spain, and in Andersen Consulting.

She has a BA from Pitzer College and a Masters of International Affairs from Columbia University and is preparing her PhD Thesis in Political Science at the Complutense University in Madrid.  

Recent publications: 

OECD (2015) Education Policy Outlook 2015 : Making Reforms Happen ; Perspectives des politiques de l'éducation 2015 : Les réformes en marche

OECD (2015) Improving Schools in Sweden: An OECD Perspective;

OECD (2014) Improving Schools in Wales: An OECD Perspective;

OECD (2012) Equity and Quality in Education : Supporting Disadvantaged Students and Schools ;

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