Liepp publications

This work benefit from the support provided by the ANR and the French government under the Investments for the Future program LABEX (ANR-11-LABX-0091, ANR-11-IDEX-0005-02) and the Idex University of Paris (ANR-18-IDEX-0001).

Types of publications

Working Paper

Written by one or more researchers from an ongoing project, the working paper aims to stimulate scientific discussions and to contribute to a better understanding of the topic.

Policy Brief

The policy brief provides a quick account of the research done on a given topic. It is a short and synthetic paper (4 to 8 pages) which is aimed at a large audience and more specifically at policy makers and institutional actors.

Débats du LIEPP

Publications in the “Débats du LIEPP” collection present an overview of the different scientific positions on a public policy evaluation question. They vary in size, from 20 to 40 pages, and they generally include politician's reactions to the scientific public policy debate as well.


Reports published with the contributions of LIEPP members.

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