Evaluation of the impact of the training courses "Recruit without discriminating" on the diversity of recruitments

Research team:

Morgane Laouénan (CNRS, Co-director of LIEPP's Discriminations and Social Inequalities Research Group)
Mirna Safi (OSC, Co-director of LIEPP's Discriminations and Social Inequalities Research Group)
Olé Hexel (OSC and LIEPP)
Thomas Breda (PJSE and IPP)
Nicolas Jacquemet (Dpt of economics University Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne & IPP)
Roland Rathelot (University of Warwick)

A research team from LIEPP and IPP was selected as part of a call for projects from DARES on the evaluation program of the impact of the training "Recruit without discriminating" on the diversity of recruitments and in particular for Lot 1, which concerns the definition and implementation of the experimental protocol.

The project consists of measuring the effectiveness of the "Recruit without discriminating" type of training by means of correspondence studies conducted with the companies in the sample. It also proposes to evaluate not only the efficiency of the face-to-face and e-learning courses that are the most widely adopted in companies, but also to use the content and method of administration of the training as a variable in order to define ways of improving this type of intervention. This second part will be implemented in close collaboration with the holder of Lot 2 (Definition and implementation of "Recruit without discriminating" training courses).

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