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LIEPP is a central hub for social science research on policymaking and evaluation within Sciences Po, at the national level and at the international level. It brings together researchers from five disciplines: mainly Economics, Political Science and Sociology, but also more and more Law and History.

Internal affiliates belong essentially to the four founding centers (CEE, CSO, Department of Economics and OSC), but also to other research centers (CERI, CEVIPOF, Law School). External affiliates come from prestigious French and international universities.

LIEPP also welcomes visiting professors, post-docs and doctoral students interested in the evaluation of public policies.

Group photo HavreSome members of LIEPP in Reims, June 2018

Sciences Po affiliates

External affiliates

  • Sonja AVLIJAŠ (LIEPP-Sciences Po) labour markets, capitalist diversity, Eastern Europe
  • Nina GUYON (Département d'économie-Université nationale de Singapore) (LIEPP-Sciences Po) Education, Social Inequalities, Public Policies
  • Nordine KIRECHE (LIEPP-Sciences Po)
  • Morgane LAOUENAN (CES) (LIEPP-Sciences Po) Discrimination, Labor Economics
  • Michaël ZEMMOUR Economie politique de la protection sociale

Research Assistants

Other LIEPP staff

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