Young research activities

LIEPP's young research activities aim to provide support to young researchers, to raise their awareness of the public policy evaluation process and to promote their work amongst public actors and civil society. This approach is in line with the laboratory's objectives, which are to better anchor the evaluation approach in social science research.

This LIEPP doctoral seminar is open to doctoral students from Sciences Po and Université de Paris, regardless of their laboratories and disciplines. It has four main objectives

1) To support doctoral students in the conduct of their research and in their professionalization;

2) To stimulate an interdisciplinary dialogue based on current research;

3) To raise participants' awareness of the public policy evaluation process and its practical implications, particularly in terms of questioning and disseminating research results;

4) To encourage exchanges between doctoral students from Sciences Po and Université de Paris

The young researcher programme aims to support young researchers who wish to develop a component of their work on the policy implications of their research, and to do so from an interdisciplinary perspective.

The programme has four objectives:

-To promote and support the work of young researchers;

-To facilitate the translation of academic research into useful results for the evaluation of public policies;

-To encourage interdisciplinary dialogue on research, in particular with a view to promoting the emergence of interdisciplinary projects;

-To give a better visibility, among public actors and civil society, to the work of young researchers with a contribution to the evaluation of public policies.

LIEPP has opened a call for a postdoctoral fellowships to promote research projects evaluating policies in line with the research proprieties or one or several of LIEPP's research groups :  Discriminations And Category-Based Policies, Educational Policies, Environmental Policies, Evaluation of Democracy, Health Policies, Socio-Fiscal Policies.

The deadline for application is Monday, November, 6th, 2023.

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