Young research program

Actualité Sciences Po

The support programme for young research in public policy evaluation is part of the redeployment of LIEPP in partnership with Université Paris Cité. It is open to PhD students (from the 2nd year of their thesis) and young PhD students (having defended their thesis for less than 2 years) whose main affiliation is a Sciences Po or Université Paris Cité laboratory, all disciplines combined, for each academic year. It was the subject of a first call for applications in July 2020 (see list of laureates below).

The programme has four objectives:

  • To promote and support the work of young researchers;
  • To facilitate the translation of academic research into useful results for the evaluation of public policies;
  • To encourage interdisciplinary dialogue on research, in particular with a view to promoting the emergence of interdisciplinary projects;
  • To give a better visibility, among public actors and civil society, to the work of young researchers with a contribution to the evaluation of public policies.

This programme runs in parallel with the LIEPP Young Research Workshop.

Interview with Laurence Warin, winner of the LIEPP young researcher programme in 2021/2022.

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