6th edition of the workshop ‘Experimental research on social inequalities’

6th edition of the workshop ‘Experimental research on social inequalities’

LIEPP's Educational Policies research group and the CRIS are pleased to convene the workshop:

6th edition of the workshop ‘Experimental research on social inequalities’

May 22nd & 23rd 

May 22nd

10-10.30 Welcome & Introductory presentation

Field experiments in sociology: a delayed (and sloppy) launch

G. Abbiati (Milan University), G. Argentin (Milan Bicocca University), D. Azzolini (IRVAPP), G. Ballarino (Milan University), D. Cartagini (Milan Bicocca University), E. Manzella (Milan University), M. Pellegrini (Milan University), L. Vergolini (IRVAPP)

10.30-12 Educational inequality and parenting

A library in the palm of your hand? Inequalities in reading literacy and educational Attainment.

S. Anger (IAB and University of Bamberg) B. Christoph (IAB) A. Galkiewicz (University of Potsdam and IAB), S. Margaryan (University of Potsdam and BSE), F. Peter (DZHW), M. Sandner (TH Nürnberg), T. Siedler (University of Potsdam, IZA and BSE)

Parental feedback strategies, child overconfidence and learning

K. Barron (WZB), M. M. Schneider (Norwegian School of Economics), O. Sund (University of Amsterdam)

What do parents value in a school? A factorial survey experiment in three countries

G. Salza (University of Luxembourg), M. Triventi (University of Trento)

12.30-13.30 Educational inequality and family background

More driven? Experimental evidence on differences in cognitive effort by social origin

J. Radl, P. Apascaritei, W. Foley, L. Kröger, A. Palacios-Abad, H. Solga, J. Stuhler, M. Swarr

Social class variation in perceptions of children’s educational success as a component of family ideals: Vignette experiments in 8 countries

A. Aassve (Bocconi University), A. Adserà (Princeton University), P. Chang (Harvard University), H.-J. Chung (Princeton University), L. Mencarini (Bocconi University), H. Park (University of Pennsylvania), C. Peng (Bocconi University), S. Plach (Bocconi University), J. M. Raymo (Princeton University), S. Wang (National University of Singapore), J. Yeung Wei-Jun (National University of Singapore)

14.30-16 Educational inequality and teachers

Research design presentation: Teacher’s bias in assessments by student’s SES and ethnic origin: A Pre-Registered large-Scale factorial experiment on pre-service teachers

C. J. Gil-Hernández (JRC-EC), I. P. Paneda (WZB), J. Castaño (Seville University), L. Salazar (JRC-EC)

The role of student's ethno-racial origin and gender in teacher evaluation and grading: an experiment in French Junior High schools

C. Corchete (Sciences Po)

Tackling the gender gap in mathematics with active learning methodologies

M. Di Tommaso (University of Torino), D. Contini (University of Torino), D. De Rosa (Ministry of Economy), F. Ferrara (University of Torino), D. Piazzalunga (University of Torino), O. Robutti (University of Torino)

16.30-18 Educational inequality and educational choices

How do transparent admission standards increase the application to the college-bound upper-secondary school track ? A series of randomized field experiments

T. Keller (Centre for Social Sciences, Budapest)

The effect of intensive counselling for high-school students on vertical and horizontal selection into the postsecondary educational pathway and further educational outcomes

M. Erdmann (WZB), M. Helbig (WZB), M. Jacob (University of Cologne), I. Pietrzyk (University of Cologne), J. Schneider (University of Cologne)

Preparing students for the digital era: lessons learned from FabLabs in school

M. F. Ferracane (EUI), V. Ballerini (University of Florence), A. De Falco (EUI), A. Dominici (EUI), F. Menchetti (University of Florence), S. Noirjean (University of Florence)

May 23rd

9-11 Ethno-racial inequalities and discrimination

Stressful discrimination in social interaction as a person-environment transaction: integrating the experiental/subjective with the behavioral/objective

M. Arangueren M. (Sciences Po)

Research design presentation: Studying discrimination attributions from the perspective of multiple actors: A factorial survey experiment with a tied design

K. Warnke (Utrecht University), V. Di Stasio (Utrecht University)

Effects of uncertainty about intentions to stay and return on the human capital investments of refugees

Y. Kosyakova (IAB-University of Bamberg), H. Brücker (IAB-Humboldt University), S. Schwanhäuser (IAB)

Online hate speech, prejudice, and discriminatory intentions among adolescents: a randomised controlled trial

C. Borgna (University of Turin), E. Charitopoulou (European University Institute), M. Miglio (European University Institute)

11.30-13 Gender and labor market inequalities 1

Drivers of gender gaps in promotions – A factorial survey experiment with German employers

P. C. Wehner (BIBB), P. Protsch (University of Cologne/BIBB), A. de Grip (ROA-Maastricht University)

Gender biases in assistant professorship recruitment: does discipline matter?

S. Hofmeister (WZB), A. Rusconi (WZB), H. Solga (WZB)

14-15 Gender and labor markets 2

Disability, gender and hiring discrimination – a field experiment

E. Ugreninov (Oslo Metropolitan University), V. Bjørnshagen (Oslo Metropolitan University), D.-O. Rooth (Stockholm University)

Partnership penalties for working in a gender-atypical occupation? Observational and experimental evidence from Germany

L. Hipp (WZB), P. Schober (University of Tubingen), S. Leumann (WZB)

Gendered double standards for occupational success

L. Hipp (WZB & Potsdam University), K. Kelley (WZB), P. Protsch (University of Cologne/BIBB)

15-16.30 Income inequalities & social policy

Inequality of opportunity and outcomes, and its effects on inequality acceptance and social cohesion

M. Bucca (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile), M. Molina (New York University Abu Dhabi)

What People Believe Others (Should) Earn: Multifactorial Survey Experiments on Beliefs about Actual and Fair Earnings

L. Schmitt (University of Munich), K. Auspurg (University of Munich) P. Hufe (University of Bristol), A. Peichl (University of Bristol & IFO Institute), M. Stoeckl (IFO Institute)

Social policy and household labor supply in Germany, Israel and Italy

A. Levanon (University of Haifa), E. Struffolino (University of Milan), D. Gomelsky (Humboldt University), A. Fasang (Humboldt University)


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