Profile: Sye Yuet Loy, alumna

Profile: Sye Yuet Loy, alumna


Sye Yuet Loy graduated in 2014 from the Master Governing the Large Metropolis. Now she works at Tiktok's Trust & Safety Team as an Implementation Manager.

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What is your current position?

I am a Policy Implementation Manager for the Asia Pacific region at Tiktok‘s Trust & Safety Team. Tiktok has Community Guidelines to support a fun and safe space for users, and this is achieved through strong policies and a worldwide team of moderators. I work with dedicated colleagues to develop robust policies and to roll them out smoothly around the world.

How did you secure the role?

I was interested in the role that technology plays in issues of child safety. So I applied to Tiktok! I had other relevant work experience for the skillsets required of this role. I also had supportive family and friends, which gave me the courage to try somewhere new.

What is your role and responsibilities?

I am a Policy Implementation Manager for the Asia Pacific region of Tiktok’s Trust and Safety team. The Trust & Safety team uses human and machine-based moderation to remove harmful content. I function as a link between the Policy and Operations team to roll out safety policies. Systems and processes are our focus, where we streamline and improve processes to ensure effective communications and work efficiency across multiple teams.

What is the most fascinating aspect of your role?

Tiktok is a fun app, with lots of trendy and funny videos. At the background, it is a lot of serious work to develop strong platform safety policies and coordinate with many teams to moderate the platform for users. Tiktok is a new-ish kid on the block within the social media scene, but also gaining popularity at breakneck speed. We always joke that we are building the Tiktok plane as we are flying it. It is a fascinating mix of a start-up and multi-national company environment!

Why did you choose a career in Singapore?

Singapore is home, and France would always be a home away from home. I enjoy working in an international environment, and am lucky that Singapore is a hub for the region.

What do you remember about your studies at Sciences Po?

Working very hard but also playing very hard with lovely classmates turned life-long friends. My friends would say, instead that, it should be the French pastries that accompanied me through all the readings.

How did your Sciences Po experience help you with the role?

My Sciences Po final year internship was at Interpol, Lyon, in the child sexual crimes unit where I gained experience in online child sexual abuse investigations. This internship affirmed my decision to work in the child safety area, which eventually led me to this role at Tiktok. I am grateful for this catalysing experience.

What advice would you give to students who would like to do an internship or work in Singapore?

Be confident and apply! Singapore employers appreciate prospective applicants who come to interviews prepared, so read up as much as you can about the job. Reach out on LinkedIn to find out more about potential employers and roles, by sending a few thoughtful questions. I worry a lot about my career / the future, and wish I did less of that. But I can imagine that it must be even more stressful for my Sciences Po juniors who are graduating in the middle of a pandemic. I wish you good luck and a healthy dose of self-confidence to tackle the next stage of your life. Good luck!

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