A strong, lasting professional network

The Urban School draws on a strong network to offer its students a vast choice of internships and professional opportunities in various sectors:  

  • international organisations
  • public utilities (water, transport, waste management, energy, etc.)
  • local and regional authorities
  • non-governmental organisations (democratic governance, environment, housing)
  • urban planning, economic development and urban strategy agencies
  • design and engineering firms, architectural firms
  • consulting firms
  • research, teaching

The School collaborates regularly with the OECD; several OECD researchers teach in the Governing the Large Metropolis programme and tutor group projects and capstones. Students also participate in OECD research:

Another fine example of collaboration is the partnership agreement established in 2005 with Urban Planners International (FR), which enables several students each year to complete an internship in the field, in a developing country. The students produce a report on the topic chosen by the association (urban governance, forecasting, citizen and civil society participation, etc.) which they present at the association's annual symposium. In 2014, 14 interns worked on the port-city interface in seven cities in developing countries.

Active, well-structured alumni associations

  • The In Situ association brings together students and graduates from the Regional and Urban Strategy, Urban Policy, Governing the Large Metropolis and Metropolitan Governance Master's programmes. It maintains the network, encourages exchanges and meetings, and organises networking events and activities around urban issues and professions.
  • The Sciences Po Urba (FR) association is for alumni of the Urban Planning Programme. Founded in 1987, it maintains a network of over 1,600 graduates and is one of the oldest urban planning professional associations in France. In close contact with the Urban Planning Programme, it fosters professional contacts and exchanges, organises meetings and events and mentors young graduates.
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