Career opportunities in ecological transition and the environment sector after a Master’s degree

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Master’s programmes at the Sciences Po Urban School are aimed at students hoping to enter careers in fields relating to ecological transition, sustainable development, the green economy and biodiversity. Our graduates take up strategic and management roles across all areas of environmental and climate policy.

The Master’s programmes open up a wide range of jobs in the public, private or non-governmental sectors at local, European or international level.

Skills developed within the environmental strategy and policy programmes at Sciences Po

The programmes offered at the Science Po Urban School equip students with the professional skills they need to access a wide variety of careers in ecological and energy transition. These skills include:

  • Finding solutions to advance ecological transition, energy transition and sustainable regional planning
  • Devising lasting strategies for a given region
  • Understanding cities as socio-ecological systems
  • Interacting with a wide range of stakeholders from the private and public sector involved in urban environmental policy
  • incorporating a wide range of expertise within the urban sphere
  • Managing a project; implementing a group project, a public policy or a company strategy

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Professional fields in the environmental sector

The skills students gain over the course of a master’s programme at the Sciences Po Urban School open up careers in various fields:

  • Government departments and ministries
  • Regional authorities
  • Regional environmental, planning and housing authorities
  • Environmental cooperation agencies
  • Civil society organisations
  • NGOs
  • Private companies
  • Design offices
  • Consultancy firms
  • European and international institutionsGovernment departments and ministries

Jobs and professions in environmental strategy and the energy sector after a Master’s degree

Master’s degrees at the Sciences Po Urban School enable students to take on various strategic and management roles in organisations and institutions working on issues relating to the environment, ecology and sustainable development in the public, private and non-governmental sectors.

The school’s specialised programmes enable graduates to access a variety of professions:

  • Agency manager
  • Project coordinator within an agency
  • Forecasting and research officer
  • Environmental consultation coordinator
  • Innovation project lead
  • Consultant in sustainable development
  • Technical coordinator
  • Agriculture and food policy officer
  • Climate change and energy policy officer


Jeanne Varaldi, 2018 graduate: Sustainable Development Consultant at Utopies

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Floriane Ortega, 2012 graduate: Manager and Adaptation Lead at The Carbon Trust

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Yunqing Bi, 2017 graduate: Technical Coordinator at C40 Cities

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Anna Tehlova, 2017 graduate: Founder of the Public Space Network

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Examples of institutions and companies in the field of environmental governance

A large proportion of Master’s graduates go on to join businesses, organisations and institutions working on solutions to key environmental challenges within our cities. Employed in leadership roles across the private and public sector, they work to design and implement public environmental policy and ecological strategy within private companies.

Below are a few examples that may interest prospective students:

Public sector

ADEME (French Agency for Ecological Transition) - French Development Agency (AFD) - Ministry of Ecological Transition - Recovery Centre for Sustainable Development (CRDD) - French Office of Biodiversity (OFB) - Haute Vallée de Chevreuse Regional Natural Park


INSUCO - Arcadis - Auxilia Conseil - EDF - GDF - Egis - LGI Consulting - I Care

NGOs & civil society organisations

100 Resilient Cities - Institute for Climate Economics (I4CE) - ICLEI (International Council for Local Ecological Initiatives) - A PRO BIO - Place au Vélo Nantes

European and international institutions

European Commission - URBACT

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