Round-table: Sustainable Careers in Business

Round-table: Sustainable Careers in Business

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How do sustainability considerations affect corporate strategies, activities, jobs and skills?

This round-table will be centred on sustainability challenges and strategies in business. Directors from three different sectors (consulting, luxury and maritime transport) will offer their take on how each company is adapting to the changes demanded by CSR considerations. They will explain how their respective companies are operating in an ever-evolving business environment, not only on the technology and innovation fronts, but also in the throes of the current pandemic.

This will be a unique opportunity for you to gain invaluable insights, better nourish your own career reflection and equip you with solid advice for your future career path.


 Natacha Valla - Dean of the Sciences Po School of Management and Innovation 


BAPST Pierre-AlexandrePierre-Alexandre Bapst - Sustainability Director, Hermès international - Biography

COURTECUISSE MatthieuMatthieu Courtecuisse - Founder & CEO, Sia Partners - Biography

PICINI PatriciaPatricia Picini - Vice President Sustainability, CMA-CGM - Biography


BORDES AiméeAimée Bordes, Student, Master International Management and Sustainability


Date de l'événement : 
Lundi, 9 Novembre, 2020 - 12:30
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