Master in Finance and Strategy

Programme objectives

The Master in Finance and Strategy prepares students for careers in finance and strategic management, whether as analysts in banks or consulting firms or as executives in industrial and service companies.

The programme is organised around three key principles, which are reflected in its specific features and objectives:

  • multidisciplinary training in management and social sciences that maintains a strong professional focus through instruction from experienced practitioners and the use of case studies as a key teaching method;
  • a balanced mix of courses in finance and strategy, ensuring students are equipped to analyse a situation from every angle and to design innovative solutions to major contemporary challenges;
  • gradual specialisation: first-year courses aim to give students from different backgrounds a common multidisciplinary foundation, upon which they build an advanced level of expertise in their chosen concentration in the second year.


The programme is completed over two years: three semesters of study followed by a semester-long compulsory internship. It concludes with a final oral exam.

The compulsory courses in the first year allow students to master the essential concepts of finance as they apply to business development and the competitive business environment. Courses are also offered in economics and business law. Some 40 electives help students select one of two concentrations for the second year of the programme.


The Finance concentration focuses on valuation methods and on financial market instruments and operators. It prepares students for careers in merchant or investment banking. The electives focus in greater depth on issues such as banking regulation, blockchain and the impact of artificial intelligence on asset managers, and financing infrastructure.

Strategy and Management

The Strategy and Management concentration prepares students particularly for strategic consulting roles, but also for financial or managerial positions in established businesses and startups.

The core courses in strategy and management are complemented with electives covering a wide range of topics related to corporate strategy: digital transition, innovation, negotiation, HR management, supply chain, M&A, financing and risk management.

International Business

The International Business concentration groups together the four dual degree programmes offered with the Master in Finance and Strategy. Dual degree programmes are completed over two academic years. Students spend the first year at Sciences Po in the Master in Finance and Strategy and the second year at the partner university : 

Curriculum (in French)

The Master in Finance and Strategy offers students the opportunity to prepare for professional certificates exams, optimising their chance of success.

Career opportunities

The Master in Finance and Strategy enables students to work in a wide range of roles and sectors: audit and consulting; banking, finance and insurance; strategic, financial and marketing management; international organisations and regulatory authorities; and entrepreneurship.

Careers events, networking events with employers, and interview preparation sessions help to ensure excellent placement rates for the students. 65% of Master's graduates are offered a job before they graduate and 95% are employed within six months of graduation.


  • Scientific Director: Stéphane Guibaud

Finance concentration:

Strategy and Management concentration; International Business concentration (dual degrees):

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