Dual Degree with University of Pennsylvania Law School (Philadelphia, USA)

Sciences Po and Penn Law: Two world class institutions

Sciences Po at a Glance

Sciences Po functions as a top-level research university in the social sciences, offering a wide and varied curriculum and drawing on academics and experts in such fields as political science, international relations, sociology, law, and economics. Scholars as well as professionals from the business world and public administration comprise Sciences Po's distinguished faculty.

Located in the heart of Paris, Sciences Po is a symbol of excellence and attracts outstanding students from all over the world. With more than 470 partner universities worldwide and 47% of international students, Sciences Po has become a truly international institution.

Innovation and creativity in research and education have always been a driving force at Sciences Po. Through its multidisciplinary programs, Sciences Po delivers a solid methodological training and provides students with the tools to deal with complexity. Besides, Sciences Po's education constantly encourages bold intellectual attitudes and mutual respect and consideration.

Penn Law at a Glance

Penn Law is a world leader in legal education, uniquely equipping students with the knowledge and skills they need to excel in today's legal marketplace, wherever their career aspirations and intellectual interests take them.

Our Strengths:

  • The Wharton Business and Law Certificate, a custom designed program taught by Wharton faculty and industry experts selected for their teaching skills, subject area expertise and ability to offer examples and desmonstrate applied concepts to participants
  • World-class faculty who are celebrated scholars and devoted teachers
  • A culture of collegiality, where students feel welcomed and supported, allowing them to safely take risks that deepen and broaden their education.

The Law School:

The Law School is state-of-the-art facility, with four fully interconnected buildings surrounding a green courtyard. Students are only steps away from the amenities of the University of Pennsylvania, with its activities for graduate and professional students, a state-of-the-art gym and health club, and its many libraries, museums, theaters, lectures, and events.

A high standard multicultural program in Finance and Law

The Dual Master's degree program in International Finance and Law is a two-year full time Master's Program. Spanning a wide range of disciplines, this program offers core courses in management, finance and law.

The curriculum blends financial and legal expertise and professional skills courses. It is designed to offer advanced education in the area of financial law and to give students the opportunity to develop a top-level career in the private, public or non-profit sectors.

All students will spend their first year at Sciences Po, and their second year at Penn Law. After two years of study, and provided credits have been completed in both institutions, students will receive Master's degrees from both Sciences Po (Master's in Finance and Strategy or Master's in International Management and Sustainability) and Penn Law (LLM).

The faculty involved in this program is comprised of internationally renowned academics and practitioners. By joining both the Penn Law and Sciences Po communities, dual degree students will be able to benefit from the exceptionally stimulating intellectual environment of both institutions during the duration of the program, and to extend their networks and opportunities to both sides of the Atlantic as alumni.

Students participating in the program will have access both at Sciences Po and at the University of Pennsylvania to all facilities normally offered to students, such as libraries, computer network, career services, sports facilities, and student associations and cultural life.

Year 1 at Sciences Po

Students who are jointly admitted will spend their first year of study at Sciences Po either in the Master Finance et Stratégie (French taught) or in the Master in International Management and Sustainability (English taught):

A specific concentration can appear on the Master's degree at Sciences Po according to the courses completed at Penn Law.

The Master in Finance and Strategy and the Master in International Management and Sustainability gather a very diverse student body, in terms of academic as well as cultural backgrounds, with more than 40% international students.

Year 2 at Penn Law

Students spend their second year at Penn Law earning an LLM alongside 115 other foreign-trained attorneys, typically from over 30 countries. The LLM is a one-year, full-time course of study in advanced legal topics. Students are on campus for ten months including the five week summer program. Students select courses from an extensive curriculum of specialized courses and seminars at Penn Law. Penn Law grants a generalized LLM that allows each student to design his or her own curriculum and, a student may choose to focus on a particular topic. LLM students take courses alongside our upper level JD students and have access to the Penn Law course catalog. View curricular requirements.

Penn Law LLM students are also eligible to enroll in the Wharton Business and Law Certificate (WBLC), a custom designed program for Penn Law LLM students taught by Wharton faculty and industry experts selected for their teaching skills, subject expertise and ability to offer applied concepts and examples to participants. All LLM students are automatically eligible to participate in this program which runs concurrently with the LLM program, however this certificate requires an additional fee.

In addition to our outstanding course offerings, our LLM students have the opportunity to gain real world US legal experience. As an integral part of the program, the LLM Public Service Program provides students with important opportunities to develop their professional skills while learning more about the communities that exist beyond the walls of Penn Law as well as supporting students seeking to satisfy the New York Bar pro bono requirement. Additionally LLM students may take advantage of the Penn Law clinical programs focusing on varying topics, including Entrepreneurship, Intellectual Property and Technology, International Human Rights and Immigration, and Mediation.

At Penn Law, LLMs also have the opportunity to get involved with JDs in student groups ranging from Law School Light Opera Company to Penn Soccer Club. They can explore pro bono legal service through the many student-organized projects. They may also want to consider participating in student Law Journals, like the Journal of International Law, the Asian Law Review, the Journal for Law and Social Change.

Penn Law has staff dedicated to supporting LLMs, including a Career Counselor who provides LLM specific programming and materials as well as ample availability to meet individually with LLM students.

How to Apply

Applicants to this dual degree should have completed an LLB, JD, or equivalent prior to matriculation in the LLM at Penn (but need not necessarily have completed such degree by the time of application so long as completion is expected).

Applications will be done online via the Sciences Po Admissions website. Please visit our admission website or contact the Admissions service to learn more about the admission online process.

Tuition fees

Students must pay the tuition fees applicable in their host institution (Sciences Po for Year 1 and Penn Law for Year 2).

Financial aid

Dual degree students are eligible to the same financial aid as other students in the institution where they are enrolled (at Sciences Po for Year 1 and at Penn Law for Year 2). However, financial aid at Sciences Po and Penn Law is limited and will not cover the total cost of the dual degree program. Students are therefore strongly encouraged to also look for external grants and fellowships.

Year 1: Financial aid at Sciences Po

Sciences Po offers a wide range of merit-based and need-based scholarships to French, EU and international students.
More information about bursaries and financial assistance.

Year 2: Financial aid at Penn Law

Penn Law has a limited amount of funding available for dual degree students. Students should consider every option available in order to fully budget for their studies at Penn Law, including taking out private loans as well as government-sponsored ones. Students should indicate interest in being considered for financial aid by emailing gradadms@law.upenn.edu no later than March 1 of the year that will matriculate at Penn Law.

More information about financing your education at Penn Law.

Important information about student loans

In order to apply for student loans, students have a variety of options: French citizens are eligible for French-based loans; US citizens may take out American federal loans from either Penn Law or Sciences Po but not both.

Under no circumstances may the student take out loans on behalf of both institutions.

More information about student loans.


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