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Data & Digital

Artificial intelligence, data, cybersecurity, biotechnologies... More than ever, it seems essential today to master and to actively reflect on the stakes and the impacts of technology in our societies.

Detecting opportunities, calculating risks, taking into account climate issues, understanding and imagining the use of new technologies… these skills are central to modern-day success.

From September 2021, the School of Management and Innovation is creating a new programme dedicated to the Data & Digital sphere.

The objective of this corpus is threefold: firstly, to equip all students (with methods ranging from refresher courses to advanced training) so they can "speak data", to enable them to develop autonomous usage and to master the fundamental logical and quantitative elements of data and digital technology. Secondly, to enable them to develop a critical mindset with regard to the societal, ethical, legal, strategic and economic challenges of digital and data. Finally, to provide them with professional tools and methods that will be useful for their entry into working life, whether in the corporate world or in more personal initiatives.

The corpus of courses is articulated around three thematic spheres.

Digital and Social Sciences

The objective of this sphere "Digital and Social Sciences" is to provide students with reflexive tools to understand, think and master the issues of data and digital in our societies. The sociological and societal, ethical, legal, strategic political and economic dimensions of the digital world will be addressed through thematic courses.

Tools, data and analysis

In this "Tools, data and analysis" area, we enter the practical dimension of technology, notably through teaching around code (Python), exploitation, modelling and visualisation of data, through courses and workshops.

Management tools

This third sphere, "Management Tools", will enable students to master concrete tools and methods in the field of their choice, whether it be finance, marketing, law, corporate strategy, human resources or creativity, arts and design or innovation.

Students will have to choose a 12h or 24hcourse in semester 1, a 12h course in semester 2, and a 24h course in semester 3.

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The Grand Challenges Courses

The Grand Challenges courses aim to develop students' analytical and reflexive skills, so that they can apprehend complexity in a creative and responsible way.

The courses will either explore a general theme (Corporate Social Responsibility, the major challenges of digital transformation ...) or focus on more specialized ones (Artificial Intelligence, Responsible Finance, Social Web ...). They rely on the inputs (concepts, approaches, methods) of the social sciences.

Consult the list of Grand Challenges courses (first semester)

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