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Legal Technologies and the Bodies

À propos de cet événement

Du 07 mars 2024 à 09:00 au 08 mars 2024 à 13:00

This conference aims to unravel the intricate interactions between legal assemblages and technologies and their profound effects on human bodies in an era of rapid technological advancement. A plethora of human activities today build on new technologies, that are associated with legal frameworks, strategies, as well as new legal norms, actors and processes. Surveillance systems, predictive policing techniques, facial recognition at the borders, but also workplace surveillance, gig economy work, or housing and health care algorithms, or else recommendation and personalization algorithms: these are just a few activities and spheres of our modern digital environments that affect, alter, govern human bodies and behaviors.

From a variety of perspectives, including but not limited to feminist legal studies, critical race theory, critical black studies, participants will explore the interplay, in different domains, between new technologies and the law, and the profound ways in which they shape, reorder, and govern human bodies, manufacture their experiences and sometimes stabilize their historical oppression.

This conference also aims to explore the interplay between technology, law and the bodies by approaching the notion of bodies beyond a human-non-human dichotomy. It will be an opportunity to consider the relationships of human and non-human bodies in attempts to resist, refuse or disrupt, oppressive modes of governance.

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Conference convenors: Professors Helena Alviar García and Rebecca Mignot-Mahdavi.

The event will be held Thursday 7 March (from 9:00 to 18:00) and Friday 8 March (from 9:00 to 13:00) at Sciences Po.

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À propos de cet événement

Du 07 mars 2024 à 09:00 au 08 mars 2024 à 13:00