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Graduate dual degree in Global and International History
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King's College London and Sciences Po have expanded their historic partnership by initiating a joint Graduate Programme in Global and International History. Spanning a wide range of topics, this selective programme will train students to acquire a solid background in Global and International History, comprising theory, methodology, historiography and inquiry and research processes at both universities.

Students will benefit from the numerous opportunities, networks and services offered on both sides of the Channel.


This programme allows participating students to obtain in two years, the first year being in Paris and the second in London, both the Master's degree in History of Sciences Po and the Master's degree in Modern History or in World History and Cultures of King's College London. 

The programme offers excellent training in Global and International History that provides the following skills: documentary research, critical thinking development, engagement with the current historiographical debates, definition of research problems, rigorous presentation of results and command of the literature.

The programme is designed for students seeking international opportunities for careers in teaching and research, as well as those interested in other sectors, such as: public service, archives, cultural and audiovisual industries, publishing, press, media and NGOs.


A mandatory historiography seminar is taught by members of the permanent faculty.

Specialized courses delve into more specific areas and subjects: a wide array of historical specialties; cutting-edge research topics; methods (statistics, images, oral history, archives). 

These teachings focus on practice through the presentation of on-going research. The research topic is gradually defined through continuous interaction between the student and teaching staff.

Courses in French are not compulsory, and the first year curriculum at SciencesPo will allow students to follow  a fully English track if they choose to.

Students will take 60 ECTS credits at Sciences Po.


The second year runs from October until September of the following year.

Students will have the possibility to choose between the Master in Modern History MA and the Master in World History and Cultures MA.

Students will take 90 ECTS credits at King’s College, 30 of which will be credited for the dissertation.


Application process:

Candidates to the dual degree apply through Sciences Po’s website.

Prospective students must meet admission criteria for the chosen Master's programmes at both schools. 


Students must pay the tuition fees applicable in their host institution (Sciences Po for Year one and King's for Year two).

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