Before the defence

At least three months before the defence of your thesis, you must submit to the administrative officer of your doctoral program.

Presentation norms

The formal presentation of a thesis has a certain fundamental character: in addition to respecting internationally recognized presentation norms, a rigorous presentation must be developed to allow readers to easily navigate your thesis.

Two dimensions are therefore important: presentation norms and use of the style sheet.

Style sheet

After the defence - Correction of the thesis

After the defence, the jury may request that the thesis be corrected.

You will then need to provide, within three months from the date of the defence:

  • a copy of the corrected version of the thesis to the president of the jury, who will have to provide a new opinion in the appendix of the defended thesis' registration form
  • a copy of the corrected version to the thesis supervisor

The opinion of the president of the jury is authoritative.

If the president of the jury provides a favourable opinion, you will need to submit, as initially:

  • A complete version of your thesis on digital media (USB drive) in .PDF format(Sciences Po will keep the digital media). You must ensure the following before submission:
    • the pdf format: accepted versions are PDF 1.4 to 1.7 or PDF/A (older versions such as pdf 1.3 are not accepted)
    • the validity of your .PDF file with the online test available at For help, see the online tutorial
  • In some cases, a version for dissemination (in the event you granted authorization for internet dissemination and have not yet obtained all copyrights).
  • The printed results slip from the FACILE test: (See the model).

N. B.: no correction can be made if the jury did not request it on the defence record.

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