Short Research Training Courses

Doctoral and masters students from different disciplines are encouraged to meet, to take the opportunity of short research training courses to learn from each other and to broaden their field of research. Inter-semester courses and seminars are offered outside the periods during which compulsory courses generally take place. 

Tatiana COUTTO, Marie Curie Fellow - CEE, Sciences PoAmandine le Bellec
Amandine le Bellec, PhD student in Political Science, Comparative Politics major

"I have been participating in the Gender and Research seminar organized by Réjane Sénac for almost three years (from my master's degree to my second year of thesis), and it continues to provide me with just as much. It allowed me to meet researchers with whom I still remain in contact today. I think it is an essential seminar for all those interested in gender issues" (Show more)

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Some of these inter-semester courses and seminars are open to early stage researchers from CIVICA partner universities. Find out more about what doctoral and postdoctoral researchers say about CIVICA courses.

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