Who is called a foreigner? Reflections on hospitality

Séminaire PILAGG

Professor Guillaume le Blanc
Professeur de Philosophie à l'Université de Paris Est Créteil

This Pilagg seminar animated by Professor le Blanc will revolve around naming a life a foreign life. Stranger is never recognized as a true subject because he or she is always denationalized and, therefore, made other. Thus, the aim of this seminar is to show that hospitality is not only a gesture of help for someone who is in need. It must be considered both as an ethical and political value whose claim comes from critical considerations on belonging to a nation.

The program of the seminars is available on the Pilagg website

IMPORTANT: Due to security measures, access to Sciences Po buildings is restricted. If you intend to attend the seminar, please send an email to filipe.silva@sciencespo.fr indicating your full name. Security officers will be provided with the list of participants. Do not forget to bring a VALID ID.

Event details
Vendredi, 13 Avril, 2018 - 12:15 - 14:00
Sciences Po Law School - 13 rue de l’université - 75007 Paris - Meeting Room (room 410T)
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