José Augusto Medeiros

José Augusto Medeiros

Visiting Student at Sciences Po Law School

Ph.D. candidate in Economic Law at the Law School of the University of São Paulo (FD-USP) under the supervision of Prof. Gilberto Bercovici. Master in Public Law from the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC).

My current endeavors of academic production and teaching are focused on Economic Law with emphasis on antitrust in underdeveloped economies.

Doctoral thesis research

The legal protection of the internal market in Brazil and its relation to antitrust.

Theoretical framework

At present, my studies delve into the redemption of antitrust by constitutional law. Specifically, I argue that the antitrust legislative innovation movement that occurred in Brazil and other developing countries in the 1990s was a mechanism to move away the economic-democratic debate from competitive regulation. It separated constitutional objectives – such as industrial development, for example - from public antitrust policies. The central hypothesis of my research is that, in the Brazilian case, the integral understanding of the goals of antitrust policy necessarily entails the apprehension of a constitutionalised internal market idea. On the other hand, the research hypothesis also argues that the Brazilian constitutionalisation of the internal market cannot be confused with what happened in the context of the EU - neither would the market idea present in the Brazilian Constitution be similar to the social market economy one. Above all, my research aims to demonstrate that, without facing this issue, it is impossible to propose an alternative model of competition that is directed to dynamic efficiency, innovation, and growth of Brazilian underdeveloped economic conditions.

Teaching and other relevant information

Professor of antitrust law, constitutional law and economic law. Lawyer with professional experience in antitrust, regulatory law and compliance.

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