Marie Moncada

Postdoctoral researcher


Marie Moncada is currently a postdoctoral fellow on the “Bridges” project with Virginie Guiraudon and Hélène Thiollet. This project evaluates the production and impact of migration narratives on public policies in six countries (France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Spain and the UK). She will (i) analyse the media content of migration narratives (written press, television and social networks), (ii) understand the production of this media content (interviews) and (iii) identify the impact of these migration narratives on French and European public policies (documents and interviews).

She defended her political science thesis in 2019 under the supervision of Patrick Hassenteufel. It focuses on undocumented migrants’ access to health care in France and the United States. The analysis focuses mainly on the place of interest group narratives in other materials (written press, administration and parliament).

She also worked at the French National Centre for Scientific Research between 2015 and 2018 on a project entitled “RegMedProv”. This project studies the regulation policies of primary health care in territories under-supplied with health professionals in four countries (Germany, France, England and Sweden).

Other work focuses on the added value of CAQDAS (computer-assisted qualitative data analysis software) in social sciences. She has also been a temporary teaching and research associate in Montpellier and a temporary teacher in Paris.



Article published in a peer-reviewed journal

« Innovation parlementaire, entrepreneuriat et déserts médicaux en France », Politique et Sociétés, 40 (2), 2021, p. 187-212.

Articles reviewed and rewritten in a peer-reviewed journal

« Policy feedback et santé des sans-papiers en France : faut-il concilier l’institutionnalisme historique et les équilibres ponctués ? », Gouvernement et Action Publique (second version submitted in June 2021).

« NVivo est-il utile pour une thèse de science politique ? Réflexivité sur les CAQDAS », Bulletin de Méthodologie Sociologique (second version being rewritten).

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