Elisa Bellè

Visiting Postdoctoral Researcher

Department of Sociology and Social Research Centre for Interdsciplinary Gender Studies University of Trento (Italy)

Elisa Bellè is a postdoc researcher at the Department of Sociology and Social Research of the University of Trento (Italy). Her main research interests are related to the study of cultures, identities and practices of political militantism of parties and social movements. In this area of investigation, a specific attention is devoted to symbolic gender orders and masculinities codes, understood as relevant dimensions in the re/production of political organizations. Her research experience is characterized also by the interest for comparative approaches, with a focus on the socio-political contextualisation (localism, political subcultures, re/production of political organizations in relation to the socio-historical features of local contexts). Her methodological skills are prevalently qualitative, with a consolidated experience in interviewing (structured, semi-structured and ethnographical interviews), focus groups and ethnography.

Research interests :

  • Political ethnography, political sociology, social movements
  • Militantism, gender and masculinity orders in politics
  • Populism, right-wing parties, localism, Feminist movement, « anti-gender » movement
  • Qualitative methods, ethnography, historical sociology

Visiting projects and objectives

Elisa Bellè's current research is titled FemMe - Feminism and Memory. Feminist movement and women trade unionist fights in Trento, 1965-1985. The project is aimed at reconstructing the socio-historical map of the so-called second wave feminist movement in a specific Italian area. FemMe is characterized by an interdisciplinary approach (political sociology, social movement and history) and a particular interest for visual methods (use of images as historical source and photo elicitation technique).