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Students, faculty, external readers: do not forget your card !


Students, faculty, external readers : Do not forget your card and present your bag to the security officers! 
External readers : only users holding a valid library card and an ID will be admitted.

Established to provide support for the training and research activities of Sciences Po, the library is primarily dedicated to serving the needs of Sciences Po students, faculty, and researchers.
External readers may be granted library access, upon an interview with a librarian to determine their legitimate research needs. Library cards are issued to external readers for a fee (except Summer cards).

Internal readers

  • Sciences Po students: the Sciences Po student ID card serves as a library card.
    This card is non-transferable and required for entry into the library and for borrowing library materials. In case of a lost card, a replacement will be issued by the Registrar’s Office, for a fee of €30.
  • Sciences Po faculty: the faculty ID card, which is issued by the Faculty Services Office, serves as a library card.
  • FNSP researchers and employees:a free library card is issued upon presentation of proof of Sciences Po affiliation at the library’s reception desk (ground floor, 30 rue Saint-Guillaume).

External readers

Automatically eligible:

  • IEP Paris alumni (free upon presentationg of a Sciences Po Alumni card)
  • members of the French Political Science Association (with proof of membership) - Master's level required
  • political science Master's or PHD students and faculty (upon presentation of a card or attestation, mentioning the discipline)

Eligibility for access dependent upon an interview with a librarian to determine legitimate research needs:

  • researchers and university faculty
  • Master's or PHD students
  • individuals needing, as part of their professional activity, access to our special collections, subject to the library’s capacity

Required documents

For all readers:

  • proof of residence less than 3 months old (electricity, gas, or telephone bill, rental agreement)

Depending on your status:

Readers specializing in political science:
Status Documents
Sciences Po Alumni Sciences Po Alumni card (for a free card) or your old Sciences Po student card
Members of the French Political Science Association (Master's level required) AFSP proof of membership
Master's or PHD students in political science Valid student card, mentioning the discipline
Political science researchers and faculty Valid faculty card mentioning the discipline or a proof of institutional affiliation
Readers from disciplines other than political science
(interview with a librarian required)
Status Documents
Master's or PHD students - Valid student card
Research attestation  with a bibliography demonstrating need to access our collections
Researchers and faculty Valid faculty card
Professionals - Professional card
- Letter from employer describing research needs

Thank you for filling out our pre-registration form. Your library card will be issued upon presentation of required documents and after a successful interview.


Your library card will not be automatically renewed.
You will need to demonstrate ongoing research needs and provide updated versions of all required documents listed above.
To fill out the pre-registration form you will need your card number, username, and password.

Fees 2018/2019

1 week library card: 15 €
Borrowing privileges : maximum 6 items (from closed stacks: 6 books or periodicals for 3 days / open access: consultation onsite only - no borrowing)

Library card: 1 month: 35 € / 6 months: 85 € / 1 year: 130 €
Borrowing privileges: closed stacks items for 1 month / open access items for 15 days

Payment : cash, check, or credit card

  • Discounts (½ price): for AFSP members (Master's level required), students and faculty from other IEPs
  • No fee for foreign scholarship students, French need-based scholarship students, members of the Sciences-Po Alumni Association, political scientists (faculty and PHD students) from research centers listed in the following list, job seekers, RSA recipients and social assistance beneficiaries, persons with disabilities (card required) and their attendants, and librarians.
  • Lost card replacement : 18 € (free upon presentation of a declaration of loss or theft issued by competent authorities)

A library card is required for entry into the library, for borrowing library materials, and for consulting electronic resources onsite.


In June and July, you* can register for free without producing a research certificate.

Document to present: a proof of residence less than 3 months old (electricity, gas or telephone bill, rental agreement).

[* Undergraduates and students: card required ]

Group cards

Research institutions and centers, once their applications are accepted by the library’s administrative coordinator, are issued a group card.
The card may be used by a maximum of 10 readers. A list of authorized readers must be attached to the order form.

  • Fee : 400 € for one year
  • Borrowing privileges: closed stacks items for 1 month / open access items for 15 days

Order forms must indicate the name and email of contact person, number of cards ordered, fee per card, and billing address if different from delivery address. Renewals must also include the card name and number.

Send order forms by email to or to:
Bibliothèque de Sciences Po – Service des Cartes collectives
27 rue Saint Guillaume
75337 Paris Cedex 07


Library reception desk: 30, rue Saint-Guillaume, ground floor
Tél. : 33 (0)1 45 49 56 34

  • Monday to Friday 10.30am-7pm / Saturday 9.30am-1:30pm and 2:30pm-5.30pm
  • Monday to Friday 10:30am-5:45pm during university vacations
Updated on 12/12/2018

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