Terms and conditions of library bookable spaces

On Paris campus.

Welcome to the library! Many of you are keen to book library seats and rooms. To make sure as many of you as possible get the most out of them, here are a few basic rules for everyone's benefit.

Common rules for bookable seats and group study rooms

  • I make a booking when I want to sit in the bookable areas. Otherwise, I take advantage of the free-access seats.
  • Bookings can be made from 3 days in advance at noon. For example, on Wednesday at noon bookings are opened for Saturday.
  • When I come to the library, I respect the seat number indicated on my booking, to avoid creating a game of musical chairs ! Download the numbering plan of bookable seats (PDF, 1,6Mo).
  • To confirm my arrival, I scan the QR code at the end of the table (check-in) or I speak to the staff who can do it for me.
  • I must arrive no later than 30 minutes after the start of my slot, otherwise my booking will be automatically cancelled.
  • However, I don't forget to cancel my booking as soon as possible if I'm not coming.
  • If I leave before the end of my booking, I scan the QR code so that others can reserve the seat (check-out) or I speak to the staff.
  • If I'm away for more than 45 minutes, my seat can be taken by someone else when I return.
  • I ask the staff at the library welcome desk if I have any problems or if I need to regulate anything! They are there to help me!
  • It is forbidden to consume food or drinks (with the sole exception of those in closed containers).

Additional rules for group study rooms

  • Group study rooms are reserved exclusively for Sciences Po students.
  • They are reserved for groups of 2 people minimum to 6 people maximum.
  • Booking is limited to 2 hours per person per week.

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Updated on 29/11/2023

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