From 16th of may to 29th of july, the summer card is back !

Whether you are from High school, University degree or you are a professional, you can get our summer card. It gives you access to:

  • Our reading rooms;
  • Our print collections (you can borrow as much as you want during the validity period of your summer card*);
  • Our digital collections (only on site).

*All your borrows must be returned before the 29th of july, if not, penalties will be applied.

Easy steps to obtain the summer card :

  1. Fill the subscription request form (only in french) ;
  2. Attach a proof of address dated less than 3 months at your name (french and foreign address are accepted) ;
  3. Attach an ID photo (jpeg format only) if you never subscribe before ;
  4. Send the acknowledgment receipt of the form, the proof of address and the ID photo to ;
  5. Wait our reply to your request within 3 open office days ;
  6. Ask your summer card at Saint-Guillaume Library welcome desk (only if you never have a card) ;
  7. Enjoy as much as you can of the Sciences Po Library offer !


List of accepted proof of address :

  • Electricity, water, gas or phone (mobile accepted) bill
  • Tax invoice or certificate of non-tax invoice
  • Home insurance receipt
  • Rent receipt

Accommodation certificate for people living in someone else home, plus one of the proof listed before at the name of the person signing the accommodation certificate.

ID card, passport, bank documents, civil insurance and health insurance are not accepted as proof of address.


Some key informations to know:

Sciences Po Library is on two sites:

  • Saint-Guillaume Library, 27 rue Saint-Guillaume
  • Saint-Thomas Library, 1 place Saint-Thomas d’Aquin

We invite you to read the collections repartition between the two sites before coming.

During summer time, we are open from Monday to Friday to 9:30AM to 9:30PM and closed Saturday and Sunday.


Our print collections in our reading rooms represent a tiny part of our funds. To explore the totality, we recommend to use our Catalogue. From there, you can easily do your book requests and choose a pick-up place (Welcome desk of Saint-guillaume, locker of Saint-Guillaume or locker of Saint-Thomas).

A part of our digital collections are also available on the Catalogue. You will find the whole database on the Electronic resources website. The Digital Library gives you access to some archives funds and some digitized documents.


Some seats in Library are under reservation :

  • At Saint-Thomas, this concerned every wood tables except spinning tables.
  • At Saint-Guillaume, this concerned all seats on floors 3, 4 and 5.

Before coming, book online to seat in this space or prefer free access seats.

Updated on 19/05/2022

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