This summer, bring the library with you on the beach!

Dates of closure, holiday loan, cessation of services.... All the dates you need to know.

Saint-Guillaume Library, Saint-Thomas Library and the Research Library will be closed from Monday 1st to 15th of August 2022.

The Archives will be closed from Monday 25th of July to 21st of August 2022.

Anticipate your needs and take advantage of our holiday loan from 8th of July. You will have until the 28th of August to return your documents.

Dates of all services closure:

  • Purchase request: from 22th of July to 22th of August
  • Inter-library loan system: from 25th of July to 16th of August
  • Online request (bookstacks outside Paris): from 26th of July to 15th of August
  • Online request (Saint-Guillaume bookstacks): from 29th of July to 15th of August

From Tuesday 16th of August to the end of the month, we will be open from Monday to Friday from 9:30AM to 6PM.

Our team shares with you their favorites of summer and the perfect place to read it!

After a glass with friends, Pierre Grivaz recommends to read Courir of Jean Echenoz. This is the extraordinary story of an ordinary man, Emile Zatopek. Even if you are allergic to running, it’s impossible to not feel the joy of escapes, the pleasure of victory…
A jubilant reading to do before (or instead of) your post glass running.

Michaël Goudoux recommends to read in Père Lachaise cemetery by a warm afternoon, Le droit à la paresse de Paul Lafargue. If its title gives an impression of holiday, this is a short and incisive book from a socialist thinker who questions us on the liberty to use our time and transport us to a time where “work rights” doesn’t reach consensus.

Perfect during a road trip, Natalia La Valle Torres suggest a book from Abbey Edward: En descendant la rivière. This is the possibility to laugh of the world’s deliquescence by dreaming of bivouac, of sharing and of rivers carved into the rock… Une possibilité de rire de la déliquescence du monde en rêvant de bivouac, de partage et de rivières encastrées dans la roche…

In Provence, in the shadows of pines, Zohra Mechri invites you to discover La carte Postale of Anne Berest. A splendid work of memory, well documented, very emotional, even poignant. It is at the same time a book on Shoah’s memory (and even more on the often silence about this tragedy in survivor’s families) and a great novel, built as an investigation and a quest. An investigation started by a mysterious postal card…

By a warm summer afternoon,  prefer your room with closed shutters, instead of your Netflix’ series, to read the new series of Spirou - L'espoir malgré tout of Emile Bravo (Price of comic book at  Angoulême 2022) recommends by Muriel Dennefeld. Adventure, humour, delicacy and humanism are all together in this four volumes with vintage style, where Spirou and Fantasio (unforgettable heroes) are in the tragic context of the Second world war in Belgium.

Anna Couthures-Idrizi suggests the reading, on a greek beach, of the autobiography of  Elisavet Moutzan-Martinengou. This extraordinary woman lived in the early 19th century on Zakynthos island. Before Virginia Woolf, she tells us about the torments of the woman writer. In her case, completely isolated until her wedding and dead at 31 year old after a given birth, this autodidact woman translated and writer more than 30 books and theater pieces. These documents, never edited during her life, were all lost during the earthquake in 1953. The story of her life as a woman and the construction of her mental space as a writer are very passionate.

To be read on the terrace of a café, Feuillets d’usine of Joseph Ponthus is advised by Isabelle Blanchemaison-Karanov. The author worked as a temporary worker in a fish canning factory and in a britany slaughterhouse. He brilliantly describes the harassing and repetitive work, the noise and psychics and physics suffers. We discover strong lines with a poetic form, liberty, anger, resistance of someone who opposed the abrupt reality of his life to another one : the one of his free spirit, his words, his background from production line to writing work.

We wish you a great summer!

Updated on 17/06/2022

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