Remote access for digital resources

Your library's tools evolve!

Today, we launch a new device dedicated to set up the remote access for our digital resources. Ez Proxy shall replace Bibliopam that does maintain the access until tomorrow.

What does it change for you ? First guess is: nothing.
Outside of the library, browse through our website, click on any link (article, journal or database) and it will open Science Po's authentication box, where you shall enter your usual ID's.

If any connexion incident occurs, we'd appreciate to be noticed at once on this address :

And if you have a mandatory (and urgent) need for an article to finish your work ?
On sites that authorize downloads, the request document shall be send to you by mail. For this, contact the following mail: (with in copy).

Europresse and Proquest

We offer you temporary tricks: manually delete the question mark at the end of the URL and reload the page.
Many incidents are resolved after clearing the cache and clearing cookies from its browser (resetting the session).

Updated on 11/09/2019

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