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This year, Sciences Po Library meets you to understand your research methods, your difficulties and your needs in terms of services. Through five newsletters and interviews (researchers, doctoral students, archivist), we offer you to re-discover our solutions of services for research and open science at Sciences Po Library.

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In parallel, the Research library invites you to follow a cycle of three webinars on the thesis exercise : on Zoom, at lunchtime and during one hour, explore a new theme with our subject librarians.
If you want, you can follow webinars on your laptop in the training room of the Research library.
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Detailed program:

Wednesday 2nd of November: Publications week

  • Newsletter and interview of Séverine Dusollier, teacher at the Law school, who speaks about copyright and free licensing issues.
  • Webinar “Scientific publication and author rights” led by Delphine Lereculeur (publication librarian) accompanied by Caroline Maufroid (iconographer) and Pierre Grivaz (legal librarian).

In detail: discussion of your rights and responsibilities as an author.
They will discuss the issue of copyright and its implications when you are a junior researcher:

  • Is all the content I produce protected by copyright?
  • What are the risks if I decide to disseminate my work in open access?
  • Can I freely re-use my own content?
  • In what situations does the educational exception apply?
  • How can I use images, even if they are free of copyright?

Wednesday 9th of November: Research data week

  • Newsletter and interview of Thierry Mayer, director of Sciences Po economy department, who speaks about the reproducibility of research.

Wednesday 16th of November: Research data week

  • Newsletter and interview of Guillaume Levrier, doctoral student at CEVIPOF, who speaks about his open source software.
  • Webinar “Your files are your datas, how to manage them” led by Cyril Heude (data librarian).

In detail: sharing of good practices based on concrete cases.
He proposes to build together a data story based  on the anecdotes, case studies and problems you encounter in managing your data. These are the material/files you produce and collect during your thesis: 404 error, hard drive crash or USB key loss, files with unclear names, pop-up window "oops impossible to open this file. The format is not supported", incomprehensible file name... The webinar aims to collectively provide tips and answers to these and other questions.

Wednesday 23rd of November: Archives week

Newsletter and interview of Martino Oppizzi, archivist of archives Sciences Po department, who speaks about the valorisation and communication of intermediate research documents.

Wednesday 30th of November: Thesis week

  • Newsletter and interview of Camille Escudé, doctor in political science associate to CERI, who speaks about the reason why she published her thesis in open access.
  • Webinar “Deposit and communication of theses” led by Clément Bernard (thesis and dissertation librarian).

In detail: Exchange around your questions you may have.
He offers you the opportunity to discuss topics related to the submission and communication of your university research work and to discuss together the questions you might have:

  • How to deposit your thesis?
  • What are the differences between archiving and communication versions?
  • Where will your thesis be archived and communicated?
  • What are the differences between embargo and confidentiality?
  • How to valorise your thesis?
Updated on 01/12/2022

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