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2019 first quarter's updates.

Always prone to listen to our users requests, we widened the perimeter of several preexisting platforms and have concluded new subscription deals.


Thus, you shall now be able to consult almost 6000 research ebooks on Cairn thanks to the Humanities and the Sociology bundles. The EcoSocPol collection (economy, society, politics) is indeed still available.
On Cairn's homepage, click on "Ouvrages" then on "Voir la liste" and finally, filter by "Texte intégral accessible". Furthermore, our english-speaking users shall be able to learn more about french research thanks to Cairn International : close to 5000 references are concerned, with their resumes and/or full texts translated in english. At last, you can subscribe for free to the Dossiers : a newsletter in english, containing an editorial, three articles and an interview.

Cambridge Core

Introductory & very complete resources from the editor Cambridge University Press, the Cambridge Companions are thematic ebooks notably useful for first cycles (but not only). 217 new perpetual titles were purchased in philosophy, literature and religion.
When on Cambridge Core's main page, launch a research for "Cambridge Companions" while ticking "Only content I have access to", then filter the results through the ebooks format only.

Dalloz BND

The access to Dalloz BND is now illimited! Enjoy some ebooks, codes, annals and other mementos in complete peace of mind.

Editions Législatives

Among the last updates, you may have already visited the Editions Législatives website.
We selected the following five modules :

  • Droit des étrangers
  • Social
  • Construction/Urbanisme
  • Environnement/Nuisances
  • Santé/Bioéthique/Biotechnologies

Please think to click on "Connexion" on the main page as to confirm your access. Law guides, news bulletins, codes and jurisprudence shall help you in your endeavours and your research.


At last, aiming to be fully transparent, our subscriptions evolve according to costs and usage reports. These two factors led us to put aside the Numérique section in our Contexte subscription. You still can access the one dedicated to Pouvoirs, dearly craved subject among our users.

Oxford Bibliographies

Following the same principles, we made a switch in our Oxford Bibliographies subscription. "Islamic Studies" were remplaced by "International Relations", due to lacking usage numbers.

Electronic resources in test

Don't forget to give us feedback on the ongoing trials !
As a reminder, those are the german platform DigiZeitschriften, the law website Moniteur Juris and Oxford Analytica's strategic surveillance.

Updated on 18/04/2019

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