This autumn, the library opens 7/7 days

Take advantage of the five opening Sundays to study in great condition! Learn more.

The Saint-Guillaume Library, Saint-Thomas Library and the Research Library, will be open, to 9:30am to 6pm, on sundays :

  • 23th of October 2022
  • 13th of November 2022
  • 20th of November 2022
  • 27th of November 2022
  • 4th of December 2022

For worry-free revision, think to:

  • do your request of print materials on the Catalogue during the week, there is no delivery from our bookstacks on Sunday ;
  • book your seat (our reading rooms are full between 11am to 6pm) ;
  • come with your lunch* and your thermos to take a break in gardens, the cafeteria is closed on Sunday.

*No food may be eaten in the library.

Updated on 06/12/2022

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