The Sciences Po library offers access to:

  • Over 422,000 electronic books 
  • Over 36,000 academic journals 
  • And nearly 7,300 other types of publications (theses, dissertations, etc.) and videos

Are they available to everyone? 

  • All readers registered with the library can access digital resources* on the Sciences Po campuses (local access) 
  • In order to meet our contractual obligations with electronic content providers, remote access to digital resources is only available to students, researchers, professors and staff
  • Associate researchers: the request for remote access rights must be made by the host research center to Sciences Po's IT services.
  • External readers (including alumni) are not eligible for remote access.

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Where can I find them?

  • The content of most digital resources is referenced and accessible through the library catalogue, with the exception of press databases, legal databases, statistical databases and videos.
    Find out more >> How to use the catalogue

Digital resources by subjecT

Special cases of access to resources

These resources are not always open to external readers. Please contact us before coming to the Sciences Po library.

Good practices

  • Log in to the library catalogue
  • For local access, you must connect to the 'Sciences Po' or 'Sciences Po Secure' Wi-Fi network
  • For remote access to subscribed electronic content, you must use the catalogue or the digital resources portal
  • Use the Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browsers
  • Optimise your search by regularly clearing your browser's cache and cookies
  • Window blockers and antivirus software can prevent access to digital content
  • Never give out your Sciences Po login details

Terms of use

  • Use of the resources is restricted to administrative, teaching and research activities.
  • Authorized readers have the right to view on screen, print it or download information for reasonable, non-commercial and strictly personal use, in accordance with the terms and conditions of each platform.
  • All users are responsible for their use of electronic documentary resources. They undertake not to carry out operations that could harm the whole of the Community (such as abusive downloading, text mining* ) and that could lead to the sudden interruption of the service of the information provider or producer.
  • In the event of misuse, the reader account may be suspended.

*Contact us

See General terms of use

Updated on 07/09/2023

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