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Welcome to the Documentary research methology training for the academic year 2018-2019 !

During this training session, you will use the links in this page when the trainer asks you to.

2018 Training

1 - Pre-evaluation of information literacy



2 - Objective 1: Identify the different types of documents

Exercise 1: « Bibliographic references »

Bibliography with blanks

Author lastname(s), firstname(s). Title of the work [en ligne]. Editor : Year of publication. <URL or DOI> [Consulted on jj/mm/aaaa]

Journal article
Author lastname(s), firstname(s). “Article title”. Journal title. Date of publication, number in the series (ex : volume, n° in the collection), pages.

Book chapter
Author lastname(s), firstname(s). “Chapter title”. In Author lastname(s), firstname(s) Book title. City of publication : Editor, year of publication, pages.

Printed book
Author lastname(s), firstname(s).Book title. City of publication : Editor, year of publication.


3 - Objective 2: Understanding the particularities of each research tool

Exercise 2 : « Research tools »

1) Prof. Dupond would like you to read an article titled “A historic handshake … but what did the Trump-Kim summit really achieve?” published in The Guardian in June 2018.
Which resource would you use? How would you conduct this research?

2) Your professor has told you about an English-language encyclopedia in which we can compare statistics from two countries.  For your Political History course, you need to compare data on Russia and Poland.  Which resource would allow you to access this information?  Do you know which encyclopedia we are referring to?

3) Which resources would you consult to know where to find the following works?

Le Havre Qu'est-ce que le Tiers état ?, Edition de 2009, de Flammarion
Reims Qu'est-ce que le Tiers état ?, Edition de 2009, de Flammarion
Poitiers La Guerra Civil contada a los jóvenes
Menton Mythes de l'Orient en Occident
Dijon Les révolutions russes, édition de 2017, par les Presses universitaires de France
Nancy Climate change : what everyone needs to know, édition de 2016

4) A professor asks you to read the latest edition of Diplomacy: A Very Short Introduction, of Joseph M. Siracusa. Which resource would you use to find this?

5) Which resources would you use to start a paper on the Cold War and decolonisation in Africa?

Library items and tools

4 - Training satisfaction survey

Satisfaction survey

Thank you for your participation!
The library staff remains at your disposal for any questions!


5 - Memento

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