09:00 17:30
In partnership with the Jacques Delors Institute/Grande Europe… Lire la suite

Venue : Sciences Po - Salons scientifiques, 1 Place Saint-Thomas d'Aquin, 75007 Paris  

EU Enlargements 20 years on: Lessons and Prospect

In partnership with the Jacques Delors Institute/Grande Europe

Welcome (9h-9h30)
Stéphanie Balme, Director of CERI-Sciences Po
Sylvie Mately, Director of Jacques Delors Institute
Introduction: from normative power to geopolitics
Jacques Rupnik, Sciences Po-CERI


1. EU ‘transformative power’ and Domestic Political Trends in Central Europe (9h30 – 11h00)
Daniel Hegedüs, GMF Berlin
Jaroslaw Kuisz, University of Warsaw
Ondrej Ditrych, EUISS and IIR, Prague
Chair: Lukas Macek, Sciences Po / Centre Grande Europe

2. Central Europe 20 years later: Foreign Policy Orientations (11h15-12h30)

David Cadier, University of Groningen and Sciences Po-CERI
Milan Nic, DGAP Berlin
Tomas Petricek, Former Foreign Minister of the Czech Republic and Prague Institute
of International Relation
Maria Malksoo, University of Copenhagen
Chair: Christian Lequesne, Sciences Po-CERI

--- Lunch break ---


14h00: Enrico Letta, Jacques Delors Institute: Keynote remarks

3. Enlargements and Public Opinion in EU and Candidate Countries (14h15)
Bruno Cautrès, CEVIPOF - Sciences Po
Bojana Zoric, EUISS
Chair: Tefta Kelmendi, ECFR
4. The “Ukrainian Moment”: Prospects for Future Enlargements (15h15-17h00)
Snizhana Diachenko, Ukrainian Center for European Policy, Kiev
Jelena Vasiljević, Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory, University of Belgrade
Florent Parmentier, Sciences Po – CEVIPOF
Pierre Mirel, Former EU Director of DG Enlargement, Centre Grande Europe
Chair: Anne de Tinguy, Sciences Po-CERI
Conclusions: What rethinking enlargement means for the EU
Jean-Louis Bourlanges, Chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee, Assemblée Nationale



Scientific coordinators:  Jacques Rupnik and David Cadier

Organisé par : CERI
17:30 19:30
This conference will focus on the presentation and discussion of the European Council report authored by Enrico Letta, former PSIA/Sciences Po Dean and former Italian Prime Minister.  … Lire la suite
Face-to-face event
Venue : Salons scientifiques (B108), 1 place Saint-Thomas d'Aquin - 75007 Paris
CERI & PSIA event
 « Much More than a Single Market ? »
The conference will center on presenting and discussing the report crafted by Enrico Letta for the European Council. The report addresses the key priorities of the European Union's Single Market, aiming to enhance the competitiveness of the European economy and provide greater protection for European citizens.
Discussions will be conducted in both French and English.
Introduction :
Raffaele Marchetti, Luiss, Vice Rector
Marc Lazar, Luiss, Chair BNP-BNL-Paribas, French and Italian Relations in Europe
Stéphanie Balme, Sciences Po/CERI, Director
Keynote :
Enrico Letta, Institut Jacques Delors, former PSIA Dean and former Italian Prime Minister
Discussants :
Mark Thatcher, Prof. Luiss
Arancha Gonzalez, Sciences Po/PSIA, Dean
Moderator :
Stéphanie Balme, Sciences Po/CERI, Director

Scientific coordinator: Stéphanie Balme, Sciences Po/CERI

Organisé par : CERI
29/05/2024 30/05/2024
08:30 18:00
The conference revisits historical processes of knowledge production, immigration, andcultural exchange in colonial and post-colonial geographies of the Gulf.… Lire la suite

Face-to-face event 
29/05 : INALCO, Maison de la Recherche, Auditorium Dumézil, 2 rue de Lille, 75007 Paris
30/05 : Sciences Po, Salons Scientifiques, 1 place Saint Thomas, 75007 Paris

Cities and circulations: Challenging theorical frameworks in Gulf Studies and geographies

The conference revisits historical processes of knowledge production, immigration, and cultural exchange in colonial and post-colonial geographies of the Gulf. It also uncovers histories of community, migration, language/dialect, and hinterland denials in both the making of Gulf cities and the production of their histories. The aim is to foster novel investigations that question the positionality of different actors, that humanise the landscape, and that deconstruct persistent myths, material and immaterial structures, spaces and systems that limit a critical reading on the Gulf.

Mercredi 29 mai 2024 - INALCO, Maison de la Recherche, 2 rue de Lille, 75007
8h30 : Registration - Welcome Coffee 
9h : Institutional welcome remarks. Inalco, KU, CEFREPA, Sciences Po
10h : Session 1: Moderated by Hélène Thiollet, Sciences Po-CERI
Challenging persistent dichotomies in historical processes: resituating Gulf histories within complex phenomena of hybridisation through South-South circulations
10h : Todd Reisz, Independant Scholar
Infinite Arrivals
10h30 : Mae Al-Ansari, Kuwait University (zoom)
Challenging dichotomies in Gulf histories: refraiming tradition, housing, and architectural flows as critical aspects of recentering
11h : Talal Al-Rashoud, Kuwait University & Wafa Al-Sayed, University for Science and Technolohy (zoom)
Arabia's anti-colonial hub: Kuwait and the Bahraini nationalist movement (1956-1966)
11h30 : Q&A 
12h30 : lunch break
14h : Session 2: Moderated by Eric Verdeil, Sciences Po-CERI
Recentring Gulf cities within colonial- and post-colonial histories and uncovering the webs of connections, transfers and conflicts within And Across empires 
14h : Philippe Pétriat, Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne University
The (first) Line: Tapline's cities and the historiography of oil urbanism in the Gulf
14h30 : Lukasz Stanek, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Mobilities of weak actors 
15h : Alix Philippon, Sciences Po, Aix-en-Provence
Redefining Baghdad trhough the shrines: translocal devotion, mobilities and urban politics in post-2003 Iraq
15h30 : Q&A
16h : Keynote - Mohammad Al Jassar, Secretary general for the National Council for Culture Arts and Literature, Kuwait
The past, present, and future of two marginalized towns in Kuwait 
18h30 : cocktail Inalco aux salon Borel et de Tassy (1er étage)

Jeudi 30 mai 2024 - Sciences Po, Salons Scientifiques, 1 place Saint Thomas, 75007 Paris

9h : Welcome coffee
9h30 : Session 3: Moderated by Chantal Verdeil, Inalco-CERMOM
Representing cities, circulations and transformations through languages and literature
9h30 : Marcela Rubino, Inalco-CERMOM
The treatment of race in post-2000s Gulf novels 
10h : Elisabeth Vauthier, Université Jean Moulin-Lyon 3 IETT - CEFREPA
The City in Contemporary Novel : a Reading of the History of Kuwait
The communication will address two contemporary novels:   فئران أمي حصة (Mice of Umm Hessa, 2016) by Saoud al-Sanoussi and لا تقصص رؤياك   (Don’t tell your nightmares, 2014) by Abd al-Wahhab al-Hammadi, that  look back on  the history of Kuwait and the violence it has experienced in recent years, to give a picture of the tensions in Kuwaiti political life. The analysis of these two works will show the way the novels represent urban space, in its material and symbolic dimensions, to draw the map of a country undermined by social tensions and political dissensions, foreshadowing – especially in Saoud al-San'oussi’s novel – a painful future.
10h30 : Laura Hindelang, University of Bern
Challenging cultural circulation: a media-historical approach to Gulf cities
11h : coffee break
11h30 : Q&A
12h15 : lunch break 
14h : Session 4: Moderated by Asseel Al Ragam, Kuwait University
Revisiting and relocating Gulf architecture and urban planning within global, regional, and local contexts to draw Out continuities and exceptions beyond oil development
14h : Laurent Bonnefoy, Sciences Po-Ceri
The Omani urban counter-model in the Gulf 
14h30 : Anahi Alviso, Sciences Po-CEFREPA
Un-Monuments across cities of the Arabian peninsula
15h : Jawaher Al Sudairy (zoom)
Tracing the endogenous forces animating Makkah's urban restructuring 
15h30 : Q&A
16h : Concluding remarks 
Roundtable discussion 

Organised by Asseel Al-Ragam, Hélène Thiollet, Eric Verdeil, Chantal Verdeil

Organisé par : CERI