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Un séminaire organisé dans le cadre du groupe Migrations et Mobilités et l'Institut Convergence Migrations

The Age of (Im)mobility
Lieu : Salle S1, 2e étage, 28 rue des Saints-Pères - 75007 Paris
Anna Triandafyllidou, Canada Excellence Research Chair in Migration and Integration, Toronto Metropolitan University
International migration has increased in volume even if it remains small overall. It has multiplied and diversified in terms of directions (countries of origin and destination). It has become more fragmented than linear and may involve multiple returns and new departures or multiple destinations. Migrants are more connected with both the homeland and the destination society and with global diasporas thanks to communication and transport technologies. The pandemic period of global immobility has also catapulted to new levels both migrants’ connectedness and digital ‘migration’ and placeless work. The aim of this presentation is to connect the main processes of socio-economic and geopolitical transformation of the last 40 years and discuss the different types of mobility and immobility that characterise our age- from saturated virtual mobility to forced or voluntary immobility; from community displacement to highly skilled migration. The presentation will elaborate on 4 different periods: the 1990s (and the end of History); the 2000s after 9/11; the 2010s and the global financial crisis; the 2020s from a world of hyper-mobility to a standstill and beyond – asking whether we are faced with a ‘new age’ of migration.



Responsable scientifique de l'événement : Hélène Thiollet, Sciences Po-CERI


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